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A7 | 精選商品,Limited Time Offer $1212,下單再贈運動手圈

Notorious Lift | BLACK FRIDAY限時優惠,超取免運

PERi | 全黑色品項限時下殺89折

加入PERiGOODS 會員並於官網註冊成功者,可享超值購物金優惠,買越多、回饋越多。
適用通路:僅適用於 PERiGOODS官方線上商城,其他通路恕無法適用。
1.會員生日購物金:網路會員帳號註冊並啟用成功者,網路壽星生日當日可得購物金200 元。
生效:生日當日(依會員註冊填寫資料為準) 。
1.單筆訂單商品消費每滿100元即贈購物金1元,滿 200元即贈購物金2元,滿 210元即贈購物金2元,以此類推。(運費不在購物金點數累計範圍內)
2.「運費」不會被計算到「滿額」的門檻,例如買商品 900元+100元運費,是沒有達到「滿千送購物金」的門檻的。
假設顧客訂單 1000 元,有使用「購物金折抵 100 元」,最後結帳是 900 元(不包括運費),則購物金贈送金額為9元。

Member Reward

Join the PERiGOODS member and register successfully on the official website, you can enjoy the super value shopping cash reward, the more you buy, the more rewards you will get.

Only applicable to the official online store of PERiGOODS other channels are not applicable.

How to get the credit:

1. Full shopping credit is an exclusive system for members. Members must log in to check out before they are eligible to receive shopping credits. If anonymous shopping is used, they cannot be obtained and used. "Members" will not be counted as a logged-in state, and even if the order amount meets the effective conditions, they will not receive purchase money.

2. Only the member can use it.

3. Each account is independent and gradual, and the accounts cannot be transferred to each other, transferred or combined to use shopping funds

4. If the company determines that the membership is invalid, the membership will be lost, and the internal purchase money in the account will also become invalid

5.PERiGOODS reserves the right to change and modify all shopping gold rules.


Ways to obtain special shopping funds: (with use period)

1. Member's birthday shopping gold: successful online member account registration and activation will receive NTD$200  of shopping gold on the birthday of the online birthday star.

Effective: the day of birthday (subject to the information filled in for member registration).
Expiry: The shopping deposit expires in 365 days after mandatory calculation.
Remarks: Only one payment per year. If you register on the birthday, you may receive it on the following birthday; if you modify the birthday date of the member's information arbitrarily, it may cause a delay in the time to obtain the birthday gift.

2. Other shopping gold rules depend on the method of each activity.
3. For old members who have registered before 2021 / 01/02, please log in to the official website before 00:00 on the day of their birthday and fill in their birthday information, and the armor ownership birthday shopping bonus

How to get shopping money (only during the summer sports festival discount period)
1. For a single order of merchandise consumption for every NTD$ 100 you will get a gift of NTD$1 for shopping, if you spend NTD$200 you will get a gift of NTD$2 , and if you spend NTD$1000 you will get a gift of NTD$100 and so on. (Shipping fee is not within the increasing range of shopping gold points)

2. "Freight" will not be calculated to the "full amount" category. For example, the purchase of goods NTD$900  + NTD$100  shipping fee does not reach the "full NTD$1,000 free shopping gold" threshold.

Assuming that the customer orders NTD$1,000 , there is a "shopping gold discount of NTD$100 ", and the final checkout is NTD$900 (not including shipping), then the shopping gold gift amount is NTD$9 .

3. The delivery basis of "change of payment status to paid" and "order status of "non-cancelled" (in process, confirmed, completed) will be sent in line with the purchase price.

4. The calculation is based on the total actual payment amount of a single order, and the conversion of combined orders is not allowed. If the increment of a single order is not satisfied, we will not be able to provide purchase money or calculate consumption records.

5. If an order is returned or exchanged before or after the payment is released, the purchase price will be based on the modified order after the return and exchange. After recalculating the amount obtained, the purchase price will be re-sent or replaced after confirmation.

6. Expiry: The purchase price expires in 365 days from the mandatory calculation.

How to use shopping gold (member login required)

1. Every NTD$1  of shopping gold can be discounted against a single online consumption amount of NTD$1, and the upper limit of the discount is 10% of the amount of a single order. Some specific products cannot be discounted.

2. The system guide is for the full discount of shopping gold. If the shopping gold points exceed the order checkout amount, the remaining shopping gold will continue to be retained.